Master Class – Russia

“Ekaterinburg Philharmonic Society” in Kamensky Uralsky, Russia

2008 (april 20th – 27th)

Master Class Russia

The process of learning music, is not only about passing an exam or winning a competition; the most important thing is to gain the benefit of learning patience while learning music, work hard, and to increase self-confidence.

My goal as a piano teacher is to help students realize their own unique musical voice and to give them a solid technical foundation that enables them to explore their expressive capabilities.

An exceptional teacher greatest talent lies in her or his ability to teach not only the technical skills, but also to extract from her students a deep emotional understanding. I believe that my students’ work in technique and in musical appreciation should go hand-in-hand from the beginning.

The pedagogical practices in teaching the piano are often based on “personal experience”. My chief aim is to demonstrate the beauty of music to students. I help them to find their own relationship with music, supporting the development of their creativity. An individual approach to each student is crucial for me. My philosophy is to help my students, young and older, beginner or advanced, to discover and “unlock” a love – and enthusiasm – for making music.