The figure of Jose Luis Nieto as composer has not been as visible in musical circles as his career as pianist. Nevertheless, in parallel, his compositions are being debuted regularly, mostly in the Russian Federation and, gradually, his creative production as composer is reaching considerable recognition.

Between 1999 – 2005, Nieto was the student of Alexei Nikolaev during a specialization in Composition at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

for piano

pequeñas piezas tempranas, Op1
el Quijote de Ceballos, Op2
premiere in Chipiona (Cádiz, Spain), in JJMM -august 1996- by the author

sujestión, Op3

sonatina, Op4
I. allegro
II. saeta
III. heroismo ceballista
premiere in Moscow (Russia) -february 1999- in the Concert Hall of “Ermolova Museum”, by the author

to my mother, Op6 LISTEN (premiere versión)
premiere in Moscú (Rusia), in the Small Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory -june 2004-, by the author

preludios hernandianos, Op11
premiere in Orihuela (Alicante, Spain) -december 2008-, in the Auditorium ” La Lonja”, by the authorr

rapsodia napolitana nº1, Op13

pensiero para piano nº1, Op15
premiere in Santiago de Chile (Chile), in the Cultural Isntitute of Providencia -july 2006-, by the authorr

rapsodia napolitana nº2 Op16

pensiero para piano nº2, Op17
premiere in Chicago (USA), in the Isntituto Cervantes -october 2007-, by the author

pensiero para piano nº3, Op18

pensiero para piano nº4, Op19

pensiero para piano nº5, Op20

rapsodia napolitana nº3, Op21

pensiero para piano nº6, Op21

pensiero para piano nº7, Op22

pensiero para piano nº8, Op23

pensiero para piano nº9 Op24

Music to Chaplin’s silent movie “The Kid” (for piano), Op25
Prelude nº1 (introduction)
Mazurka nº1 (the man)
Prelude nº2 (alone)
March nº1 (Car theft)
March nº2 (Chaplin’s morning walk)
Bagatela nº1
Tempo di waltz (at step)
Prelude nº3 (alone)
Waltz nº1 (Chaplin and the kid)
Mazurka nº2 (Five years more later)
Rapsodia Napolitana
Bagatela nº2 (workday)
Waltz nº2 (“Job Lumber 13”)
Prestissimo (persecution)
Tempo di waltz
Jazz play (successes)
Rapsodia Napolitana (after lunch)
Prelude nº3
Mazurca nº3 (Welcome to fame)
Waltz nº3 (lunch)
Bagatela nº3 (theft Toy)
Toccata (fight)
Prelude nº4 (his mother)
March nº3 (doctor)
Tempo agitato
Fantasy (Chaplin’s dream)
Coda (ending)

chamber music

String Quartet, Op5

Wind quintet with piano, Op7
allegro LISTEN (premiere versión)
largo LISTEN (premiere versión)
scherzo LISTEN (premiere versión)
finale LISTEN (premiere versión)
premiere in Moscow (Russia), in the Big Hall of the Composer Union of Russia -june 2000- by the wind quintet of the State Philarmony Orchestra of Russian Federation and the author (piano)

Russian Tale for violín y piano, Op10
premiere in Moscow (Russia), in the “White Hall” of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory -november 2001- by Maxim Abramenko (violin) and the author (piano)

simphony music

Nine Thumbnails for piano symphony orchestra, Op8
(movie music)
I. preludio LISTEN (premiere versión)
II. salida y tempestad LISTEN (premiere versión)
III. las greas, esas viejas LISTEN (premiere versión)
IV. discurso de Capírides LISTEN (premiere versión)
V. ofrenda de Herakles LISTEN (premiere versión)
VI. el paso entre las columnas de Herakles LISTEN (premiere versión)
VII. Poros y Arra se conocen LISTEN (premiere versión)
VIII. lucha interior de Poros LISTEN (premiere versión)
IX. postludio LISTEN (premiere versión)
premiere in Moscow (Russia),in the Big Hall of the Composer Union of Russia -january 2003-, by the Gniessen Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Podgorny (conductor) and the author (piano)

Four Pieces for Symphony Orchestra, Op9
premiere in Moscow (Russia), in the Big Hall of the Composer Union of Russia -march 2004- the versión for piano by the author

“ausencia”, suite for barítono, oboe and string orchestra about sobre the “cancionero y romancero de ausencias” of Miguel Hernández, Op12
I. preludio
II. como la joven higuera
III. en el fondo del hombre
IV. interludio LISTEN
V. escribí en el arenal
VI. ausencia en todo veo
VII. postludio
premiere in Moscow (Russia), in the Concert Hall of the Hebrew Cultural Center -june 2005- by Tzyan Shan Zhun (Barítono – China), Alexei Utkin (Oboe – Russia) and the Chamber Orchestra Hermitage (Russia)

concert for piano and orchestra, Op14