Moscow, Russia
Tuesday April 29th, 2014
Moscow, Russia
Central House of Artists

Music to Chaplin’s silent movie “The Kid” (for piano) VIDEO , Op25
Prelude nº1 (introduction)
Mazurka nº1 (the man)
Prelude nº2 (alone)
March nº1 (Car theft)
March nº2 (Chaplin’s morning walk)
Bagatela nº1
Tempo di waltz (at step)
Prelude nº3 (alone)
Waltz nº1 (Chaplin and the kid)
Mazurka nº2 (Five years more later)
Rapsodia Napolitana
Bagatela nº2 (workday)
Waltz nº2 (“Job Lumber 13”)
Prestissimo (persecution)
Tempo di waltz
Jazz play (successes)
Rapsodia Napolitana (after lunch)
Prelude nº3
Mazurca nº3 (Welcome to fame)
Waltz nº3 (lunch)
Bagatela nº3 (theft Toy)
Toccata (fight)
Prelude nº4 (his mother)
March nº3 (doctor)
Tempo agitato
Fantasy (Chaplin’s dream)
Coda (ending)